Below is a list of workshops that we’ve conducted at schools and youth groups in churches. To invite us to speak or for more information, please email us at

Body Image

We look at false mirrors that define our self-worth such as Instagram pictures, advertisements, grades or words spoken by others. We learn to look at the only true mirror, which reflects our worth made in the image of God. This workshop is conducted in a fun manner, with relevant stories and sharing from street interviews. At the end, participants will know that they are not alone in their struggles to accept their body and learn to stop comparing themselves with others!

Social Media

The virtual world can be a place of dissatisfaction, pride and envy. This practical workshop will expose the way social media influences our beliefs about others and ourselves. We will equip participants with simple ways to filter what they view, examine their hearts’ motive when posting on social media, as well as bring discernment and wisdom to their social media habits.

Dating & Relationships

Boy-Girl relationships are notoriously difficult to navigate, and things can seem even more complicated with all the rules and boundaries that we come across in church. In this workshop, we talk about how to celebrate inter-personal relationships, yet do so with godly wisdom in a manner that honours each other and the Lord.

Music & Media

Young people consume music and media on a daily basis. They are a powerful source of influence to shape a youth’s sense of identity, values and worldview. In this session, we help them discern the messages they are consuming and how to apply biblical principles in this area.

Porn & Purity

This workshop focuses on helping young women understand the addiction behind pornography, and how it affects their brains and relationships. It shares common reasons why young women use pornography based on our local reseach among Christian young women, and gives them handles on how to overcome them. Both practical and inspiring, this workshop can be tailored for young women or youth leaders who work with young women.

What Teens Want their Parents to Know

This session will share the results of a survey conducted by Kallos of over 70 teen girls on what they wish their parents knew. We will also provide practical tips for parents to address communication gaps between them and their teen daughters. At the end, parents will be equipped to initiate conversations and understand their teen daughter’s world better!