Hear What Others Say

I enjoy reading Kallos because I think it’s rare to find a local magazine that speaks to young girls and the problems they are facing. I can relate to the issues and topics written and Kallos helps me to understand many things about life and God!

Katelyn Goh
Student, 14

Kallos magazine has been a great resource to my youth ministry because it addresses pertinent issues for a young lady that a sermon, or small group session may not. The girls enjoy discovering new perspectives from the relevant topics and non-threatening approach to sensitive matters. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any pastor or leader who wishes to invest in the next generation!

PS Joey Asher Tan
Next-Gen Pastor, Grace Assembly of God Church

I really enjoy reading Kallos because of the insights I receive. I am able to relate to the stories and testimonies well! I will recommend it to other young girls because Kallos has helped me to pursue a life that honors God, and I believe the magazine will do so for many other girls too!

Vanessa Goh
Student, 19

Serving as an intern at Kallos has blessed me greatly and impacted my walk with God! Being involved in the ministry and getting to know the other volunteers has opened many doors for me and more importantly, built and strengthened my foundation as a Christian!

Student, 19

I love Kallos magazine because it tackles topics that are not only very pertinent to young women today but also sensitive and sometimes difficult to address in a large gathering. The writers share their own struggles and victories, thus enabling readers to identify with them and be inspired to do the same. Kallos is an invaluable tool for discipling and mentoring our young women!

PS Shane Mack
Pastor, Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church

The girls always look forward to the next issue of Kallos. Their articles are well-written, engaging and relevant to Christian youth and the colourful covers attract even non-believers. These days, young people are exposed to many voices and views which challenge their faith. Kallos helps to strengthen and build strong Christian values in them!

PS Hambali Leonardi
Youth Pastor, St. Andrew's Cathedral

Kallos teaches me something new every time, and the testimonies encourage me a lot. It makes reading about God more interesting especially for someone who doesn’t read the Bible dutifully. It will be a good complement to your devotion or quiet time with God.

Edwina Wang
Student, 19

Kallos provides wholesome content that I can safely place into my daughter’s hands, knowing that it has thoughtful articles and relatable stories that challenge the girls to walk in purity and direct their gaze upon our Almighty God. My daughter looks forward to each issue and my friends’ daughters are enjoying their annual gift subscriptions too. I highly recommend Kallos to parents and youth pastors for more young girls to be blessed!

Khoo Sook Neo

Kallos has a gentle approach in addressing the things of God, not denominationally biased, and is an easy read that can even be passed on to non-Christian girls. I like how it is an appealing looking magazine that portrays Christian girls in a positive manner. More importantly, the magazine explores issues that may not be addressed in the church pulpit or a small group setting. Our teenage girls have been positively influenced by peers in a way that is non-threatening!

Joshua Heng
Youth Ministry Executive, Paya Lebar Methodist Church

In today’s culture, it’s great to find a magazine for girls with articles coming from a Christian point of view. Kallos provides a fresh, fun, and relevant read that caters to girls of various interests, but points them back to the same God. I especially enjoy the DIY sections and am in awe of the gorgeous, professional layouts and photography. Furthermore, it’s done by Singaporean girls, for Singaporean girls! I believe God’s favour is on the ministry of Kallos.

Rachel Lim
Student, 17