What I Wish My Dad Knew Parenting Webinar Video Recording


Want to connect better with your pre-teen or teenage daughter? If you’re one of the many fathers who are unsure of how to relate to your daughter, we want to assure you that you can continue to shape the way she views herself and the world. Find out how you can be the dad she needs and nurture a close relationship with her!

  • Learn how the changing societal landscape affects the father-daughter relationship
  • Overcome limiting beliefs as fathers and gain new perspectives
  • Glean insights into your daughter’s emotional and spiritual needs based on Kallos’ research “What I Wish My Dad Knew”

Speakers and Panellists:

  • Darren Tan – Certified Family Coach, Focus on the Family
  • Quek Shi Wei – Ex-Director, Kallos Ministry
  • Rev. Dr. Philip Huan – Pastor & Counselor for 25 years & Dad to a 21-year-old daughter
  • Edwin Choy – Co-founder, Centre for Fathering & Dad to 2 young adult daughters

Parent guide includes:

  • Insights into your daughter’s emotional and spiritual needs based on our research with 100 Singaporean teenage girls
  • Tips to help you create positive moments with your daughter and help you connect with her in a deep way
  • Quotes and soundbites from the interviews with teenage girls

“I am very sensitive to his words, and a lot of what was said a decade ago is still retained in my memory, even though he might not even remember.” — Constance, 18

“Car rides are best way to connect with me. He would be sending me to school and it’s the only time we’re alone. His attention would be on the road and on me. We can connect over music or listen to the Bible.” — Chloe, 17

“I worry about my future. How do I end up in a job I enjoy without giving up a good income? Rising costs of living scare me. I don’t know if I will do well enough in my A’ Levels to have enough options.” — Grace, 18



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