Real Talk: Exposing 10 Myths About Love & Sexuality


In a world where “anything goes” when it comes to romance and sex, it can be difficult for a young woman to distinguish between truth and lies. Be encouraged by 22 God-loving, relatable and courageous writers who share their real-life experiences and teach from God’s word to expose 10 common myths about love and sexuality, to find hope and freedom. Comes with reflection questions, action steps and a discussion guide.

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Have you heard of any of these myths?

  1. The longer I wait, the fewer good Christian men are left. I might as well get together with whomever comes my way. 
  2. Guys are more interested in how sexual a woman is than how pure she is. 
  3. Having sex in a dating relationship increases intimacy.
  4. It must be my fault if I am sexually assaulted.
  5. Sex is just for self-pleasure.
  6. The Bible teaches us to love. I should then support LGBT individuals to be with whomever they love.
  7. There is no hope for girls who have lost their virginity.
  8. There is nothing wrong with consuming porn; I am not hurting anyone in the process.
  9. Sharing my struggles with sexual sins will cause people to think that I’m “dirty” and “impure”
  10. I have to exploit or give up my femininity and sexuality to succeed in life. 


Amanda Teo, Benita Lim, Joanne Kwok, Pastor Joey Asher Tan, Jennifer Heng, Karen Lee, Ps Lydia Chen, Ps Marianne Wong, Noelle Wee, Dr. Tam Wai Jia, Tiffany Low.


“Real Talk fills a much-needed void. Female sexuality issues and struggles are often missing from the majority patriarchal mindset and worldview of pastors in preaching and ministry. I heartily commend that all male pastors, fathers, and men read this landmark book. It will help us be more incarnational, loving, and sensitive in ministering to our dear daughters and sisters. It is also a shining showcase of how the gospel of our Lord Jesus works in our local setting. Too often we have a westernised gospel with westernised applications. No one can quibble with this highly commendable local book that will bless our beloved young women and help us to spur them to a life of lifelong purity for God.” – Rev Christopher Chia, Senior Pastor, Adam Road Presbyterian Church

“I’d highly recommend this book because it’s real and true, packed with love and authenticity from the writers and the Kallos team. It is valuable for girls in this generation to understand the truth behind each of the debunked myths. For anyone going through any of the struggles mentioned in the book, you can be assured that you are not alone.” – Tan Wei Lin, 18, Student and Kallos Reader

“Authentic, redeeming, and restoring. This book gives the reader the courage to enter into honest conversations with God about identity and sexuality. The stories are vulnerable yet bravely confront wrong mindsets. These are voices to be heard. This is a good resource with practical tips for the church, pastors, and ministry leaders to begin conversations to build a safe community.” – Rev Wendy Tay, Pastor, Paya Lebar Methodist Church

“I was 12 when I came across raunchy romance novels. The vivid descriptions caused me to grow up with a distorted view of sex. If only this book had been available to me then! It would have helped me understand God’s design for sex, love, and many other things that we wrestle with in the secret closets of our minds.” – Chia Poh Fang, Director of English Content Development, Our Daily Bread Ministries


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