A Shared Journey: A Kit For Mothers and Daughters


Are you a mom of a pre-teen or teen daughter? It’s time to usher your daughter into adolescence and let her know that she has someone in her life who can guide her along the way. This Mother-Daughter Kit is specially curated with insights into a teenage girl’s heart and activities to foster a closer bond between mom and daughter. It’s perfect for making a girl’s journey into womanhood intentional and special!

Each box consists of:
– A book of insights for mums that shed light and give practical handles on 6 themes of Identity and Self Image, on Love and Relationships, on Purity and Temptations, on Social Media, on Friendships, and Faith.
– A pack of conversation starters
– A set of 6 cards
– An activity book filled with mother-daughter activities

Each box is sold at $42. An add-on option for:
Robin Jones Gunn’s “Preparing Your Daughter For Womanhood” (especially relevant for moms with daughters from 9-12 year olds) is available at $25.
– A pair of Hello Darling! Nailwrap is available at $24.

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    Angie Yeow @ GrowingHearts123

    Kallos Mum and daughter kit and book

    Am very excited to glean the wisdom and use this Mums & daughters kit @kallosmag !

    We have been subscribing to their magazines for our girl. Am delighted to have this mum & daughters kit to start talking to her about her heart, body, mind and spirit as she undergoes physical and hormonal changes in the preteen years. Am very impressed that Kallos had used their years of server and research to curate this localised set catered to our Asian context!

    It would be perfect for P6 but as I gleaned through the set, I’m glad I have bought them earlier. I need time to read through the book and reflect before I can slowly go through with her.

    In fact, the activities are deeply intensive and intentional that I will need a period of time to journey with her. P5 is a good year for me as it’s a good time to start this slowly to build up to her graduation year?

    We can’t bring these topics head on as a crash course but it’s a journey of many one minute sharing throughout the years for our teens to receive them consistently and with more receptivity.

    I have already shared quite a lot with my girl. Now with this kit, maybe I can include bit by bit into my one on one times with her.

    Will share our progress along the way!

    Thank you @kallosmag for this precious Mum and daughter kit set to equip us Mums on how to prepare our daughters for womanhood!! Keep up your godly beautiful work!

    Do buy or share with your mum friends who may find this kit useful for their p5-6 daughters!

    #mumanddaughter #preparingdaughterforwomanhood #kallosmag

    November 5, 2021

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