Issue 47


Mental health issues are on the rise. We have either experienced it ourselves, or witnessed loved ones go through it. Is there hope, in the midst of all this anguish and pain? Certainly! This issue is filled with stories of brokenness, but also hope, as our writers share their stories of how God has redeemed and restored them.


  • Can Christians Struggle With Mental Health?
  • Why Does God Allow Evil?
  • Finding God Amidst My Anxiety
  • “I Never Thought I Could Eat Without Guilt.”
  • How Should I Reject A Guy Without Being Insensitive?
  • 4 Things You Never Knew About Being A Pastor
  • Flourishing During A Pandemic
  • “I Memorised Scripture For 30 Days!”
  • My Struggle With Schizophrenia And How I Started A Medical Care Portal

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