Issue 52 – Personality


Do you let personality tests define you? Perhaps you wish you could be described as “the intelligent one” or “the life of the party.” God has made us with certain inclinations, but we’re not one-sided figures; we’re multi-faceted!

Learning to embrace how we have been created is a continual journey. As you read this issue of Kallos on personality, we hope you will have a deeper appreciation of how God has made you, uniquely you!


  • National Badminton Player Yeo Jiamin: On Anxiety, Failure, and Disappointment
  • How Do I Tell A Guy I No Longer Have A Crush On Him?
  • “With God there is life and hope” A Ukrainian refugee tells her story
  • What Guys Look For In A Girl
  • You Are Not Your Enneagram
  • I can move mountains… Right?
  • Is social egg-freezing OK?
  • ”I felt different because of scoliosis.”

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