Issue 49


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many of us have been asked this question, as if there is only one thing that we can be!

The reality is that most of us may have different career options throughout our lives, and God gives us the freedom to explore many of them. Explore the topic of dreams, vocations, and careers through the stories and lessons of many women in this issue!


  • What is God’s Will For My Life?
  • What To Do When I Don’t Know What To Do?
  • Finding The One
  • Dear Kallos, What’s Wrong With Touching My Boyfriend, If We Don’t Have Sex?
  • I Wish My Parents Could Accept My Grades
  • What Kind Of Dreamer Are You?
  • “I Did A 30-Day Spiritual Reset!”
  • True Story: A Life Changed For Christ

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