Issue 48


Some of us believe that our value is tied to how we look, or that if we looked better, we would have more friends. Some of us obsess over our bodily imperfections and can’t see how we’re wonderfully made. What does God say about us? In this issue, we hope you’ll be encouraged as you see the deep beauty God has given you and how valuable you are to Him!


  • Quitting The Comparison Game
  • Am I Ready For A Relationship?
  • Do All Religions Point To God?
  • “I Have Never Felt My Mother’s Love.”
  • How Should I Reject A Guy Without Being Insensitive?
  • Who Am I? 3 Things God Says About You
  • Starving For Approval: My Battle With An Eating Disorder
  • “God Has Called Me To Share My Home With Strangers.”
  • Dear Kallos, I’m Worried About My Friend And Her Family

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