Issue 41


When the world went into lockdown, the people we once took for granted were only available online. Some of us have then realised the beauty of being physically together! In this issue, we look at the wonderful gift of community, and hear from Jolyn Ng who was once suicidal, broken and lost all hope.


  • “I was once suicidal, broken and lost all hope.”
  • How Do I Know If I Like Someone?
  • #BLM, #METOO and more – How should we respond to online activism as Christians?
  • How Do I Worship God When I Don’t Feel Like It?
  • Does The Old Testament Promote Racism?
  • 5 Ways To Use Your Money Wisely
  • What Makes A Worship Song a Worship Song?
  • What’s The Point Of Church If We Can Worship Anywhere?
  • The Venzuela Crisis – Mothers Giving Away Their Babies
  • Taylor Swift’s Folklore: Worth The Listen?

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