Issue 39


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on societies and disrupted our lives – most of us are now at home and Zoom has become our lifeline to the outside world. Find some answers in our article Why did God allow Covid-19 to Happen? Discover ways to love your family in this stressful situation and read our reply to a reader who feels like she’s losing her community.

We also interview Sarah Lyn, who was nearly dead at four but miraculously came back to life, and our Kallos team member Dorothea who was tested positive for the virus. All these and more in our latest issue!

Other Highlights:

  • Diagnosed With Panic Disorder At 15
  • Tik Tok: Good or Bad?
  • What If God Made Me Pretty?
  • What Hope Is There For A Child Of Divorce?
  • COVID-19 And Un-Familial Struggles
  • How To Look Good On Zoom
  • Devotional: Forgiving Your Family
  • Kallos Challenge: I Became My Mom For A Week!
  • Skin Bleaching In Philippines
  • Putting Our Favourite Girl Superheroes Under The Microscope

Our prayer for you is that in the midst of this pandemic, you will find hope, joy, and peace!


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