Issue 37


Popular media attempts to convince us that an attractive woman is one who puts her body on show, and a confident woman is one who embraces her sexuality and expresses it freely. We are told that sex is cheap, yet everywhere we look, we see that a liberal approach to sexuality offers brokenness.

In this issue of Kallos, we explore the theme of love and sexuality, the many myths that we may have believed in, and how in our sexual brokenness, God offers hope and restoration. We hear brave stories from Sarah Cheng-De Winne on being pregnant at 18, Jaime Wong on being in love with a girl and Noelle Wee on being molested by her uncles.

For more stories on love and sexuality, check out our book Real Talk: Exposing 10 Myths on Love & Sexuality here.

Other Highlights:

  • Can People Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven?
  • Kanye West’s Jesus Is King: Should We Listen?
  • Dear Kallos, What State Of Mind Should I Be In Before Trying To Date?
  • Devotional: A Praiseworthy Fear
  • Taking A Gap Year That Counts
  • Interview With 5 Guys On Love & Dating
  • Hosea & Gomer’s Instagram Account

In each story, we see God’s grace, loving kindness, and faithfulness shine through! These stories offer us hope that there is a better way apart from what the world tells us about sexuality, and that we can have true confidence and liberation when we walk in His ways. May you be blessed as you walk this journey with us!


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