Missions Morning


Trekking for hours to villages to sell Bibles. Running for her life from rebel armies. Sailing to over 30 countries in 4 years. These were the stories that kept more than 100 young women captivated at our Missions Morning at St James Church.

As Jea Ng, Jemima Ooi, and Choo-Fong Jiamin shared stories from their time in Nepal, Congo and the Doulos ship respectively and answered heartfelt questions during the panel segment, we were inspired to live radical lives of obedience and faith. Many of us also picked up Jea’s book ‘From Latte to Lathi’ and Jiamin’s ‘Out of the Harbour’ to be further inspired!

Jea Ng

Jea spent 1.5 years in Nepal reaching out to the locals with the Gospel and has published a book ‘Latte to Lathi’ sharing her life-changing experience!

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Jiamin Choo-Fong

Jiamin was a missionary on the Doulos with OM for four years and is the author of “Out of the Harbour”, which chronicles her voyang as a missionary to over 30 countries.

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Jemima Ooi

Jemima is a missionary with Justice Rising and works with refugees in war-zones in the DR Congo and other affected areas.

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