Issue 55

Jan - Feb 2023
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About This Issue

There’s something special about women gathering in trust and love. One moment you’re laughing till your belly hurts, and the next you have tears streaming down your face because someone asked a compassionate question. This belief in the beauty of female friendships and community is partly what inspired us to start Kallos magazine in the first place, along with a desire to be a Christian voice in the sea of confusing messages about how we should live. Even though our beloved magazine is coming to a close for this season, we have no doubt that the seeds of friendship that have been sown, and the heart lessons that have been taught, will go on for years to come. Our old and new articles will also be available on our website with no paywall so that more girls can be impacted by our stories and God’s Word.

The Magic Of Sisterhood
God will give me the desires of my heart…right?
Trusting God in transition
What is “Christian” dating?
I felt unworthy of God’s love
5 ways to deal with change