Social Media Christian

Issue 51

May - Jun 2022
Social Media Christian
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About This Issue

Social media; on one hand, it keeps us connected to the world and our friends, allowing us to learn different cultures and social issues. On the other hand, it’s a source of comparison and pain when we see people leading more exciting lives than ours.
How does God want us to use social media for His good? As you read this issue, we hope that you will be inspired to live a life online that is worthy of the gospel of Christ!

God Knows The Plans He Has For Me…Right?
“I was a slave to the weighing scale.”
Dear Kallos, How Can I Help A Friend Whose Parents Just Divorced?
How To Follow Jesus On Social Media
“I left school to care for my sister”
Who Made God?
Kill Hate With Kindness
The ME In Social Media

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