How Did You Know This Was The Right Job For You?

Cheot Yee See
Partnerships & Special Projects
Executive at Migrant x Me

I’ve always believed the right job for me would be one which I enjoyed the work and was passionate about! God provided this job for me through Migrant x Me (MxMe), a non-profit organisation that seeks to build an inclusive Singapore for the migrant worker community by empowering youths.

I was based in Seoul, Korea for the past few years studying, working, and living away from home. Even though my job as a full-time designer was stable, I felt lost and did not feel free to grow to my fullest potential in terms of my creativity. However, God presented the opportunity for me to use my skill sets to help with the conceptualising of MxMe’s branding in 2018 when the organisation was starting out. From then on, I designed materials to educate Singaporeans on the migrant worker community. It was through this experience that I saw how design can be used for good and have the power to impact others!

How does your work make an impact? 

When I came back to Singapore in 2019, I met an injured migrant worker who shared about his struggles after he was injured. I remember empathising with how helpless he felt not knowing what to do and being alone in a country that does not speak his language. I wondered if there was a bigger role for me to play as my heart for the migrant community grew.

This led to a full-time job with MxMe in 2021, where my work focuses on building partnerships with schools to run our educational programmes, and working on special projects where I can express my creativity. How God has led me here and grown my passion for the community over the years helps me believe that He has equipped and led me to this role!

Caroline Choong

It was all very natural for me. In secondary school I preferred science, and toyed with the idea of being an astronaut one day … till my dad told me NASA is for Americans. In JC I subscribed to and read American Scientist every month. The articles on neuroscience fascinated me and I dreamt of being an award-winning neuroscientist, making new discoveries about the human brain and behaviour. However, a short stint working as a research assistant in the lab made me realise that my extroverted personality meant I needed to be around people at work too.

So when it finally came to choosing a university course, I just knew I had to apply for Medicine because it tied together the 2 things I liked: science and working with people. I applied for NUS medicine, went for the interview, and got in. Over the next 5 years, I realised that medicine was indeed a perfect fit for me — working with science and working with people.

How do you see God’s hand at work in
your career? 

Fast forward another 8 years, I am now working as a specialist in a public hospital. As I look back on my years of medical school and residency training, I see how things just fell into place easily. I am now in a career that fits me perfectly. Everything was so natural that I know it could have only been God’s grace and wisdom. Only my Heavenly Father who knows me perfectly could have led me to this place. Only He who created me would know what job I could excel in and would be happy in.

Rachael Lim
Financial Consultant

Six months before coming across my current company, I had an impression of a path before me marked with bulbs and doors. Suddenly, it lit up and the doors opened and shut, guiding me forward. Open and closed doors are like guides showing us next steps. I had experienced a closed door to an exchange programme to UCL, but I was led to career coaching sessions by my financial advisory firm. It made me realise that my strengths — being curious about people and not afraid to talk deeper about their lives, and the love of planning — fit the role. Through these resources, I experienced first-hand what their tagline #ImpactingLivesBeyondFinance meant. This was something that resonated and aligned with my values.

Why do you think God led you here? 

Four years on, I can see God’s hand clearly. I’d never thought of being in Finance! My family is experiencing the long-term damaging effects of products sold instead of going through holistic planning. This made me wonder what planning really entails. As God led me to an independently-owned financial advisory firm that gives unbiased advice and customised financial solutions, I can now do my best to provide a financial advisory experience that reflects godly principles and brings clarity to situations. When people openly share with me their goals and dreams, problems and pains, it allows me to journey with them in working towards solutions — financially, in life, and prayer.

How do you find meaning in your work? 

Recently, I’ve learnt that God gave us work for us to steward and create value out of the resources He has given — skills, natural resources, etc. — for the betterment of society. Holistic financial advisory enables me to do that. Finance is connected with almost all aspects of life, and I believe my role isn’t just to help people earn more and pay less, but to help them realise that by stewarding our finances, we end up stewarding our lives.

Claudia Tan
Secretariat, Yellow Ribbon Project

When I graduated, I looked for a job where I could contribute meaningfully to society, involved skill sets that I am good at, and opportunities to expand my perspectives. My degree helped me to land a job in the entertainment industry related to my major in marketing. However, the interest waned as I felt I wanted to impact lives and serve in meaning jobs with purpose. When I joined the public sector through the Yellow Ribbon Project,I could use my training in marketing to create campaigns and events aimed at changing mindsets towards ex-offenders. It was meaningful to shed light on the challenges ex-offenders face and bring hope to inmates and ex-offenders, as many struggle to find acceptance from their family, friends, and society at large. It was also where I lived out what was taught in the Bible — to be kind and compassionate towards one another, forgiving just as in Christ God forgave us (Eph 4:32).

What does it take to thrive in your career? 

Finding a career we will enjoy and thrive in requires high self awareness and a strong anchor in our identity. Even though I am not in a role typical of graduates in my course, I found ways to apply my educational background in the course of my work. My advice for those starting to think about your career is to be patient in letting God show you your desires, skills, how your background matches the jobs you are considering, and how you can contribute to your job and organisation. Lastly, don’t be afraid to venture out of the norm!

Kallos Team
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