We Did A Bible Study Together!

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  1. Download the LifeGuide Bible Study on Ruth by Dale and Sandy Larsen.
  2. Find a friend to do the study with you at least once a week (Deborah and Elicia did it twice a week!).
  3. After completing each Bible study session, share your thoughts about what you’ve gleaned from Scripture.
  4. Pray for each other at the end of each study. Have fun! ☺

Challengers: Deborah Tan and Elicia Ling, both 16

Fun Facts: “We have been friends since 2017. We’re always seen together in school because we’re from the same class, CCA, leadership board, and are register-number partners too!”

Deborah: I am quite excited to do this Bible study because I love studying the Word and also because I’ve never done this with a friend. There is also a sense of fear too as the study guide appears quite daunting. Nonetheless, I’m sure this challenge will be fulfilling, and I can’t wait to hear what God has to say to the both of us!

Elicia: The thought of a Bible study is quite scary to me, as it is something I have never done before, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to understand the passages. However, I’m thankful for this opportunity to study the Bible with Deborah to hear her views and learn from her! I’m extremely excited to find out more about God’s Word and hear from Him!

Week 1: Judges 2:6–3:6 & Ruth 1
Deborah: I personally like how the study guide gets us to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes, and to reflect about our society today and our personal lives. The questions also allow us to share openly about some of our struggles in our Christian walk, think of ways to overcome them, and pray for each other. It was a very fruitful session which allowed us to be accountable to each other, and I’m looking
forward to the next one.

Elicia: When Deborah and I sat down and read the scripture carefully instead of skimming through it, we were able to analyse the passage and have a better understanding of the text. Also, Deborah and I usually do not pray for each other, but we did at the end of the session. It seemed like a small thing, but I was very grateful for that. Doing a Bible study together has definitely brought us closer as friends and as children of God!

Week 2: Ruth 2 & 3
Deborah: This week, we were able to learn more about the culture in Bethlehem in the past, such as what a guardian-redeemer was and why Ruth asked Boaz to spread a corner of his garment over her (Ruth 3:9). Furthermore, we took a deeper look into the values displayed by Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, and it made me see how much I can learn from these characters, such as Boaz’s generosity and Ruth’s selflessness.

Elicia: I really appreciate how the Bible study guide has very personal questions that invites personal response. This really allowed Debs and me to be vulnerable and share with each other. The questions made us think deeper about how we can apply what we learned from the Bible study in our daily lives. For example, we shared about what we are willing to risk to allow the Lord’s will to be accomplished in our lives. This was a tough but needed conversation, and we were able to pray for each other afterwards too!

Week 3: Ruth 4 & Matthew 1:1–6
Deborah: In this session, we studied the genealogy of Jesus from Boaz and Ruth onwards, which revealed how, throughout history, God has always been working and intervening to fulfil His ultimate redemptive purposes for the world, which we are all a part of. We also learned that God delights in faith and obedience to Him, such as Boaz’s, and good character, like Ruth’s, will be rewarded in due time.

Elicia: Today, we read the last two chapters of the study. We learned that God has a purpose for His children, and we can be used even in the most unexpected circumstances despite our current situation or background. All in all, we learned a lot from the book of Ruth, and there are many things we can apply in our daily lives!

Deborah: I realised there is a need for me to do Bible study regularly, so I can refresh my memory on some of the Bible stories and the lessons I can glean from them. It’s also important to dig deep into the Word, because it reminds me again of simple truths which are easily overlooked. Additionally, studying the Bible also makes me more aware of how I’m living and should be living as a Christian, probing me to make changes to let His will be done in my life.

Elicia: Since this was the first time I’ve done a guided Bible study, I really learned that there is a deeper meaning to each verse in the Bible than I thought. Merely scanning through the Bible is not enough. Bible study also helps us learn more about God and allows us to strengthen our personal relationship with Him. We are able to make clearer connections between Scripture and our lives. I really thank God for this opportunity to take on this Bible study challenge with Deborah! To know that we are able to support each other in our journey as Christians is very comforting, and I really hope to do another Bible study with Deborah in the future!

Deborah and Elicia’s tips for effective Bible study

1. Study the Bible in a quiet place. Put your phone away — remove distractions!

2. Don’t rush through the passage. Take the time to read it carefully.

3. Note the word choice in the verses (though do realise that the Bible you’re reading is a translation from the languages it was originally written in — Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). Are any of the words particularly striking? What image do they evoke? This helps you to picture the situation at hand and empathise with the characters.

4. Think about what the verses tell you about God. Where is He throughout the events they depict? Every event in the Bible will reveal something about Him, whether His influence is obvious or not.

5. Think about what each character’s thoughts, speech, or actions reveal about their character, values, or beliefs. What can you learn from them? What should you not learn from them?

6. Journal your thoughts, reflections, and learning points!