Dear Kallos: What Can I Do When I Feel Distant From God?

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What can I do when I feel distant from God? I dropped my quiet time since circuit breaker started. – Discouraged

dear Discouraged,

With the implementation of circuit breaker and other social distancing measures, things haven’t been the same. You no longer have the same space to share with your church friends, emotional connections are just different, and you probably feel cooped up. It has been difficult and a new norm has taken its toll on everyone. Yet, remember — God loves you and He is with you, every day and in every way. He hasn’t forgotten you and He constantly beckons you back to Him.

There are points in life where our feelings don’t match what we know or believe. And that is okay. I know it doesn’t sound correct. It sounds like a contradiction. My feelings should match how I think. Unfortunately, feelings often carry us away like the wind blows the daffodils. So I suggest, don’t let your feelings determine your actions. A wise person once put it this way, “When in the dark, follow what you have already known when in the light.” This has always been a principle I hold to in my life. When we feel that things are spiraling out of control or that what we once felt keenly aware of seems like a distant memory we try to grasp at, don’t give in to the temptation to be idle or give up.

James 4:8 tells us, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” All the more when you feel distant from God, don’t let your emotions dictate your actions. Instead, take tangible steps to change. Firstly, set aside a particular time every day to seek God. Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes, read the Bible, pray, and quieten your heart to let God speak to you. Faithfully keep to it every day and let God be God. He will show up. You need to persevere in the tough times.

Secondly, find a prayer buddy you can be accountable to. Share your struggles and be real. Let her pray with you and support you when you feel you discouraged. This is why we have the body of Christ — to support one another and build one another up!

Thirdly, be open to God in the everyday things. When you take a walk and look at the beautiful nature around you, take your next breath, or enjoy a good laugh with your friends, remember that God is present in each of these instances, though we often fail to notice Him.

God is very much present even when you feel distant from Him. He has promised us clearly that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb 13:5). Hang on to this promise and fight the good fight! We are here cheering you on, sister!

Alina Teo
I am a mother of two littles. Some things that I love — vintage florals, mountains, cooking, sewing and writing. I have a heart for the broken and I take comfort in knowing that Christ can be our hope.

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