Take The Evangelism Challenge


1. Find a prayer buddy who can cover you in prayer during this challenge.

2. Write out a 5-minute testimony on how and why you became a Christian.

3. Practice sharing the gospel until you are familiar with it and confident of delivering it without notes.

4. Try to be conscious of how you can share your faith in everyday conversations.

5. Seek out one friend whom you can pray for in person, and one friend (it can be the same one) to share your personal testimony and gospel with.

6. Have courage, and have fun!

Challenger: CHARMAINE KHOO, 19

3 Fun Facts:

1. I keep my utensils in the fridge
2. My go-to game is solitaire
3. I smell my dog’s paws

Honestly, when I saw the challenge assigned to me, I was EXTREMELY scared. The thought of evangelising is something that has always been very daunting to me. Reading through the demands of this challenge, I was also sceptical about whether I would even be able to execute it. However, I decided to see this challenge as an opportunity to share the gospel with people around me — there’s always a first time for everything!

To be frank, as I reflected about when was the last time I shared the gospel, I realised that I do not actively share the gospel. I do not consciously think about it as much as I think I should. The last time I talked about why I was a Christian was a few weeks ago over lunch with a few of my friends, where I shared what Christians believe in and how our morals and values may differ from that of other religions.

Conversations like these, and evangelism as a whole, leave me feeling awkward and uncomfortable because it can be deemed as a “touchy topic”. At times, I worry that my friends may not actually be interested in what I have to say and are just listening out of courtesy. Even though I have never encountered any negative comments from my friends when I share my faith, I still fear that I will get rejected badly or ridiculed for sharing my testimony, or that my friends would choose to distance themselves away from me.

Thinking about it deeper, I think that the root cause of all these fears could be because I lack trust in God. Ultimately, my stories and sharing can only do so much, but it is God who can truly move the heart of the pre-believers. I hope that throughout this challenge, I will be able to put my faith into action!

Throughout the challenge, I knew that I had to be more intentional in my conversations. I tried to be intentional in listening to what my friends were sharing, and when appropriate, steered conversations toward talking about God. It was not as difficult or hard to achieve as I thought. From merely listening to my friends share and brushing aside their complaints of how “sian” school is or how they find no meaning in certain aspects of their lives, I chose to dig deeper by asking them more questions and encouraging them in small ways. It made me realise that my everyday conversations can be a platform for me to evangelise and speak into my friends’ lives.

I am not gonna lie though — this challenge was definitely awkward! It was quite difficult to bring up Christ in conversations and to find the right opportunity to share my testimony. I wanted it to be natural as well. I felt pretty scared, and when I finally managed to find an opportunity to share my testimony, my mind was racing with questions! “Will she think I am weird?” “Does she feel awkward?” “Is she starting to zone out?” However, something that kept me going was knowing what God has placed on my heart for my friend. It helped me to see how the Father wanted to reach out to her and that was a huge motivation in ignoring the awkwardness and continue to talk about Christ.

When it came to praying for another friend I had, it was definitely something out of my comfort zone. This is something I’ve never done before as I would normally say a prayer for my friends when I get back home in the privacy of my room. However, I decided to ask my friend if I could pray for her in person. To my surprise, she did not reject me but agreed! I honestly felt really happy because my fears of rejection did not come true. But even if my friend had rejected me, I think that I would have been fine with it. Of course I would feel a bit embarrassed but I know that the act of offering to pray would have meant something to her.

Although both of my friends did not respond with wanting to know more about Christ, I do believe that something was planted in their hearts. As a form of follow-up from this challenge, I want to continue to have intentional conversations with both friends. For the friend that I shared my testimony with, I intend to have more of such similar conversations and hopefully through me, she will see Christ. As for the friend that I prayed for, I intend to journey with her more intentionally on her struggles she shared with me and to give her godly advice and perspective.

This challenge has certainly challenged me to take every opportunity to share about Christ. It has also helped me to see that the fears I used to have were not actually founded. As I practise bringing Christ into more of my daily conversations with my friends, I realised that the fears became less significant overtime. God has opened my eyes to see that evangelism is the responsibility of every Christian. He has encouraged me through the opportunities with both of my friends and I now know evangelism can be a part of my lifestyle!

Easy Ways To Share The Gospel

Do you struggle with talking about your faith openly and naturally? Here are some simple things you can use to share the gospel! 

1. Prepare your personal testimony
1 Peter 3:15 exhorts us to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” Writing your personal testimony allows you to do just that. Find tips on how to do so on The Navigators’ website: https://bit.ly/2K3ZJLT

2. Download GodTools
This handy app is all you need to share the gospel message on the go. Best of all? It’s free! One of the simple but effective ways to share the gospel story is through the Four Symbols: ♡÷✝? Details on how to use it and more is on the GodTools app.

3. Memorise and use One-Verse Evangelism
Share the complete gospel using Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Read all about it here: https://bit.ly/2mDNEPX