Kallos Conference 2015

Kallos Conference 2015

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Behind the Conference Song


Growing up, one of my biggest fears was being unable to live up to others’ expectations. I have always loved music and singing, so when someone said something nasty about my voice, it took a huge toll on my self esteem and identity. Because of that, I took an eight-month break from anything music and worship related. Over the next few months, God had to bring me through a journey of restoration, as He pursued me in ways I had never experienced before.

Recently while I was having my personal worship time, I felt an overwhelming presence of God in the room. I began singing and the lyrics came easily to me. At that moment, He was calling me to new adventures and journeys with Him as I embraced my identity as His daughter and lover, to take His hands and dance with Him in this romance as I lived out the destiny He has for me.

I pray that this song will be a blessing to you, dear sister! God is calling us daughters to arise and dance with Him – will you take His hand?