The morning of 19 May started bright and cheery as the Kallos team and 14 girls gathered at The Living Room Café at Zion Bishan BP Church to learn hand embroidery from Ally Crafts Co. Ally shared how sewing had brought her joy through times of pain and how God used her gift of sewing to start a God-centred business.

Lots of nervous giggles ensued as we started by attempting to thread the needles. Soon  we were ready to begin! We selected our thread colours and started to stitch the word 'Joy'. Then, with excitement, we were learning new stitches and stitching floral patterns! 

When we first stared at Ally's work, many of us were certain that embroidery was beyond us, but thanks to her easy teaching style, we all managed to complete beautiful embroidery hoops. Each hoop had the same design but we each added our own individuality to our work. 

It was special to see how creative and unique each girl’s work was! Every one had chosen different colours and sizes of flowers to stitch,  The pride and smiles on each girl's face showed how happy we were to learn a new skill! Every hoop was truly stitched with joy in the company of sisters. 


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