God and your Handcraft Business

Interested in calligraphy, painting, handmade jewellery and other handcrafts? Join Kallos for a talk and panel session with four amazing women artists who can offer industry insights and practical tips for beginners. Hear the joys and struggles of turning passion into career and how God played a part in their journey. Also, shop at our Art Market featuring local brands!

Our Panelists

Kristen Kiong

Artist and Co-founder of @KEJJCo

Joyce Lee

Modern Calligraphy Artist @Artsynibs


Ceramist and Founder of @StudioAsobi


Embroidery Artist at @AllyCraftsCo

Arts Market

The Project J / The Brave Assembly / Child.Ink / The Commandment Co. / Flower & Gardener / Jovial Crafts / Flonecase / SOAMI / J&Co Foundry / Kristen Kiong / Ally Crafts Co.

Make A Reusable Pad!

Make a Reusable Pad!

Do you know that many girls in Nepal are considered “unclean” during their time of the month? They face harsh realities like sleeping in cowsheds away from their families, and using torn pieces of old clothing instead of sanitary pads. In collaboration with World Vision, join us in making an eco-friendly reusable sanitary pad which will be sent to a girl in Nepal!

“I sleep in the cowshed during my menstruating days.”

Kamana, a girl from Nepal

Kamana recalls her first period, “My parents kept me in a room for seven days. I was not allowed to step out of the room, or prepare my own food. Because of that, I missed my classes.”

Confessions of a Supermodel

On 8 Nov 2017, a hundred teen girls, mothers, leaders – and some guys! – gathered at St. Andrew’s Cathedral to hear Indonesia’s first supermodel, Tracy Trinita, share her life story.

It was a night of warm fellowship with fellow sisters – one that had spontaneous bursts of resounding laughter, and silent moments of reflection.

The audience caught an exclusive glimpse of a supermodel’s life through her lens; how she coped with beauty and body image, and how that ultimately led her to the Father. Everyone found solace in Tracy’s candidness and honesty. She shared her struggles as a mixed-race girl in a village of Balinese locals, and also being the tallest among all of them. She questioned God, “why did You make such a mistake?” But when she grew up, she understood that Love never makes any mistakes.

“Every creation is beautiful in God’s eyes, and God has an amazing plan and purpose, (for each of us). We are beautiful. And can you imagine? Out of 700 Billion people in the whole world, we’re the only us. I’m the only me. There’s no one who looks like me, talks like me, eats like me, or laughs like me.” – Tracy Trinita

It was a special reminder for us to realise God’s purpose for our every single one of our lives, because He created each one of us intricately, and most importantly, differently.

​Special thanks to our partners at RZIM and St. Andrew’s Cathedral!