Dinner with Dad

When was the last time you had a relaxed dinner alone with your teen daughter? Join us at the award winning Old School Delights Cafe for a memorable date night with your daughter! Take a walk down memory lane as you share stories about your school days. Relish in a country eraser battle and bond over your favourite old school tuckshop food. Shower your daughter with undivided attention and remind her that her worth is more than her grades and performance in school!

Hear insightful advice from Jason Wong and Shiwei Quek on ways to build up your daughter’s self-worth and practical tips to support her during stressful times. Every daughter will receive a special Exam Care Package and lots of good memories with her dad!

Guest Speakers


Founded Dads for Life, chairs the Elijah7000 movement for Christian fathers and volunteers his time as the Chairman of Focus on the Family (Singapore) Ltd. He is married to Donna for 25 years and has 2 children, Sarah 22 and Samuel 17.


Shiwei is the Director of Kallos, a relevant and fun ​ministry that empowers young women to be advocates of inner beauty​, confidence​ and ​boldly live out their God-planned design. As the oldest of 4 sisters​ and a proud mum of two little girls, she is passionate about the beauty God has placed in females!

Mother Daughter Brunch

mother daughter brunch

What a sight it was to see 100 mums and daughters dressed in matching outfits gather at the elaborately decorated The Peranakan restaurant for a special mother-daughter brunch!

Over a yummy brunch of authentic Peranakan food, the mums and daughters listened to an ex-supermodel share her story of body image and Julie Hiramine from Generations of Virtue on how mums and daughters can encourage one another in their self-image.

It was a special moment when each mum and daughter took time to write heartfelt letters to one another which ended with a time of prayer. It was a wonderful morning with lots of laughter and a splash of tears!

Missions Morning


Trekking for hours to villages to sell Bibles. Running for her life from rebel armies. Sailing to over 30 countries in 4 years. These were the stories that kept more than 100 young women captivated at our Missions Morning at St James Church.

As Jea Ng, Jemima Ooi, and Choo-Fong Jiamin shared stories from their time in Nepal, Congo and the Doulos ship respectively and answered heartfelt questions during the panel segment, we were inspired to live radical lives of obedience and faith. Many of us also picked up Jea’s book ‘From Latte to Lathi’ and Jiamin’s ‘Out of the Harbour’ to be further inspired!

Jea Ng

Jea spent 1.5 years in Nepal reaching out to the locals with the Gospel and has published a book ‘Latte to Lathi’ sharing her life-changing experience!

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Jiamin Choo-Fong

Jiamin was a missionary on the Doulos with OM for four years and is the author of “Out of the Harbour”, which chronicles her voyang as a missionary to over 30 countries.

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Jemima Ooi

Jemima is a missionary with Justice Rising and works with refugees in war-zones in the DR Congo and other affected areas.

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