Kallos Conference 2015

Kallos Conference 2015

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Behind the Conference Song


Growing up, one of my biggest fears was being unable to live up to others’ expectations. I have always loved music and singing, so when someone said something nasty about my voice, it took a huge toll on my self esteem and identity. Because of that, I took an eight-month break from anything music and worship related. Over the next few months, God had to bring me through a journey of restoration, as He pursued me in ways I had never experienced before.

Recently while I was having my personal worship time, I felt an overwhelming presence of God in the room. I began singing and the lyrics came easily to me. At that moment, He was calling me to new adventures and journeys with Him as I embraced my identity as His daughter and lover, to take His hands and dance with Him in this romance as I lived out the destiny He has for me.

I pray that this song will be a blessing to you, dear sister! God is calling us daughters to arise and dance with Him – will you take His hand?

Kallos Conference 2017

Kallos Conference 2017

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We want to thank Faith Methodist Church and these partners for their big hearts and generousity in contributing to our conference in various ways!

Kristen Kiong

Kristen is the co-founder of KEJJ Co. and the illustrator behind Kallos’ latest devotional, His Glory, Our Wonder! Her beautiful illustrations are whimsical and bring about a sense of wonder and awe in God’s creations!

Heather Chow Studios ​

Heather Chow is a illustrator and most of her works are painted in watercolour, reflecting her penchant for the transparent quality and softness of watercolour painting. Her inspiration comes from the happiness and joy of daily life!


The social mission of Sheepography is to tell the world about a faithful God through the illustration of a deeply personal relationship between a sheep and its Shepherd and how a sheep is never alone but always treasured and cared for.

P.Osh Brownies

P.Osh stands for authenticity and thinking for our customers’ good. We are obsessed with the charm and romance of traditional baking techniques. We do it as slow as it needs to be, or with as much care as there needs to be. No short-cuts, no quick-fixes, no magic potions. We are stubborn artists and creators of great desserts — done the right way.


Endllxly is inspired by how we are constantly learning and growing. We hold so much within, like we are little universes ourselves. Endllxly revolves around Ellialyn’s love for writing with a brush and expressing herself. Her brushlettering pieces feature her original writings.

The Project J

The Project J was birthed out of a desire to see Jesus projected in dark places, starting with our minds. Our goal is to empower believers to meditate on what God says and Who He is so that we can break the cycle of destructive thinking. With a renewed mind, we are then positioned to project Jesus rightly wherever we’re placed!

Misty Roses​

Misty Roses aims to restore the simplicity of beauty through the donning of accessories. Originally established as an internship project, the business has now grown into a full-fledged company where our goal is to empower individuals and their friends to accessorise themselves wherever they go!

Ordinary People​

For ordinary people by ordinary people, we’ve grown to love being ordinary. We look for details that no one catches and we translate them onto paper, prints & lifestyle products. With that little bit of charm, personality and curiosity. We produce small batches of quirky artisan lifestyle products for simple living.

Try Wonder​

Try Wonder is all about helping you to learn about making things. We make it easy for you to start, to learn and to grow in your making adventures. Our goal is to help you see how wonderful our world is!

Kallos Conference 2020

Initially set for Valentine’s Day in 2020, Kallos Real Talk Conference was eventually held online on the 3rd and 4th of July, after the Covid-19 pandemic worsened. It was Kallos’ first ever online conference and a new but exciting experience for the team!

Day one

Welcome to the Conference!

Finding True Love In A Sex-Crazed World

Shi Wei, the director of Kallos, spoke on knowing your identity in a sex-crazed world. Preaching from the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), her message was a poignant reminder that young women are still seen and loved by the Father — despite their shameful pasts. An invitation was given for young women to return to the true source of Life once more.


Our highly-anticipated male panel session consisted of Isaac Ong (Founder of Colours Global) , Chen Hao (Co-founder of Migrant X Me), Ivan Tan (Youth Worker at HingHwa Methodist Church) and Pastor Joey Asher (Young Adult Pastor at Grace Assembly of God).

A myriad of questions were asked, such as “How do you know who is “the right one?” and “How do I ensure healthy boundaries in my friendships with guys?”

A popular question posed was “How do I steward my singlehood well?” Isaac pointedly replied that “We are called to be fruitful even in our singleness. Marriage reveals the work done in our time in singleness!” to which many participants responded with resounding “Amen’s”!

As girls reflected on what was shared and taught, a special song item “Bring to Light” was presented. Written by Hannah Lee, the song voiced a prayer to God to bring to light all that was unspoken and hidden and for God to rescue each of us with his love.

Waiting for Mr. Right

The power-packed and passionate Dr. Tam Wai Jia (Founder of KiteSong Global) showed us her wedding video of how God led her to her husband, Cliff. Though they were in different countries, God orchestrated their paths to beautifully intertwine. However, Wai Jia was initially uncertain about Cliff as he struggled with potentially life-threatening liver problems. She eventually realised that if she were to come down with a sudden illness, Cliff would still choose to marry her, and that was how she knew he was the right one for her.

She shared from Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” about the importance of trusting God and waiting for Mr Right.

Another special song item by Sarah Lyn, whom we interviewed in Issue 39, was shown right before the female panel. Titled “Letter to God”, Sarah Lyn’s original song was a cry on behalf of the mental health patients she had been seeing to hold on to hope and God. It certainly set the stage for an intense female panel that ensued.

Real Talk With Our Female Panellists


The panel consisted of writers from our Real Talk book — Noelle Wee (Part-time Youth Trainer at Focus on the Family Singapore), Joanne Kwok (Creative Producer at Thir.st) and Amanda Teo (Writer at Selah). Joanne shared a word from her heart about how “women trade in a certain currency of marriage, beauty, and how many men chased or loved us.” She invited us to make a divine exchange for a heavenly currency instead.

Amanda also reminded us that “purity is a daily pursuit, and not a destination” as she shared her journey of freedom from secret sin. Noelle gave her two cents’ worth on her journey of sexual purity. She mentioned that “when we are shameful, we tend to hide. But we need to do the opposite. We need to bring our sins into the light” for breakthrough to begin. The participants were inspired by their struggles towards victory and breakthrough.

Finally, Esther and Elvin Foong from The Treasure Box SG, performed a song written by Brandon Heath titled “Faith, Hope, Love, Repeat” that seeks to convey the hearts of parents. It was a powerful song that ministered deeply to the participants who have hurts towards their earthly families but also encouraged them to know that they are loved by their spiritual parents and heavenly Father.

It was truly an unforgettable conference filled with words of wisdom and exhortation over almost 400 lives. The Kallos team believed that God did His deep work of healing and restoration in the hearts of many. Beyond this conference, we hope that the young women who attended will be spurred to live lives of purity and to trust in God’s heart for them.