Our mission
Our mission
Our mission

The world needs a voice to ​young girls who are struggling to live out God’s purpose in their lives because they are grappling with issues of identity, faith, and life. Since 2014, Kallos has become that much needed voice to many ​young girls.

At Kallos, we aim to empower young women globally to be advocates of inner beauty and confidence and to boldly live out their God-planned design. Kallos magazine is its main discipleship platform​, teaching and inspiring young women from 12-25 with a focus on promoting and modelling godly values.​

A Mom and Daughter’s Thoughts On Kallos

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Meet the Team



I read endless text drafts and go through rounds of design layouts just to ensure that what goes to print is something we are proud of — and that you enjoy. The best part of working with Kallos is seeing the church come together with a common purpose of making disciples. My special talent? Being able to eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting!



I lead and dream for this amazing team! I love serving in Kallos because I get the privilege of being immersed in the stories of blossoming young women. One of my favourite moments every day is waking up to two mini-me lookalike kids staring back at me! Graduated with MDiv in Biblical Studies at Singapore Bible College.


Creative Director

I love turning creative concepts into reality. Despite all the DSLRs I shoot with, I still can’t take an iPhone selfie!



I run the fruits of the Kallos writers through my theological-educator / professional-editor filter to help ensure that the ‘juice’ we deliver is good for the heart and mind. All this has only been possible through the grace of God and the power of good coffee … my favourite way of brewing it is with a moka pot! Also an adjunct lecturer at Singapore Bible College.



I’m in charge of the ‘Kallos Challenge’ column and also interview the VIP for each issue. I love serving in Kallos because of vibrant team members who love Jesus and desire for girls to know Him so intimately as well. Fun fact: I used to despise running so much when I was in primary school but grew to love it in the past few years – I even completed a half marathon!



I love working with a team of girls who inspire me with their boundless energy and passion for the next generation! Fun fact: I love watching comedies and all sorts of variety shows. Right? Anyone with me?



I’m deeply grateful for the privilege to share my thoughts on the latest fads under the “Reviews” column as well as pen a variety of articles for Kallos. Writing helps me clarify my own ruminations, which tend to come out as gibberish if done in spoken word. When in conversation, my mind is often full of puns, probably a result of hearing sounds rather than words! Graduated with MDiv in Biblical Studies at Singapore Bible College.



I answer the questions in Dear Kallos, hoping to bring much hope to the tough realities of life that girls face. I’m amazed at the heart behind Kallos and desire to see girls grow to know & love God more. I love adventures and have trekked mountains while being heavily pregnant! Currently doing a diploma at Singapore Bible College.



I help to design and illustrate many of our books and products. Working at Kallos allows me to dream with others and bring projects to life. I believe God is doing amazing things in our generation and I want to be a part of it! Fun fact: I like exploring new places with my camera in hand.